University of Pisa ENDuRE Program


A ‘hands-on’ approach to improve the resilience of “hard science” startups. The program is international and collaborative, adopting a bespoke blended learning approach designed to engage real game-changers by equipping them with the all the skills, tools and confidence to successfully turn business ideas into reality

Location: University of Pisa, Italy

Duration: From May 30th to June 11th

Application Deadline: May 10th, 2016. Click here


ENDuRE is:

Unique – made up from contributors in academia and industry from the UK, Italy and Denmark

In-house – At least 80 hours in the classroom of about 30 students comprised of aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders.

From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs –Your team can be selected and be hosted by a DK or UK company from your market field, for a 60 days of full immersion in the company premises.

Real-time – our programme is made up of contributions from real entrepreneurs and experts. 

Participation Requirements

We will select the best HARD-SCIENCE, manufacturing based innovations, i.e. those new products which require some physical testing (no mobile apps or similar kinds of innovative services), meeting one of these criteria:

• Idea developed in entrepreneurship programs or BP competitions;

• Idea patented (or filed);

• Idea supported by a proof of concept (incl. crowdfunded project)

• Established start-up or company

• Acknowledged (or under acknowledgement) university spin-off.

Opening Event

Venue: Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Piazza dei Conti Guidi, 1, 50059, Vinci (FI), Italy.

Date and time: May 30th, 9-13

Moving from the amazing works of Leonardo da Vinci, towards neural systems and creativity, the main source of innovation will be presented. Ladies and gentlemen: The Brain.


– Andrea Bonaccorsi, Full Professor University of Pisa, Italy
– Silvestro Micera, Sant’Anna School – Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne 
– Pasquale Fedele, Founder and CEO – Braincontrol, Italy

Lectures and Workshops

Venue: ​Polo Porta Nuova – Via Bruno Fedi, 1, 56122, Pisa, Italy

Date Time Topic Description Speaker Affiliation
30 May 14-16 Problem statement and Idea understanding Formalizing the idea and comparing it with others are the basics to understand the proper path to follow Gualtiero Fantoni University of Pisa, Italy
16-18 Grammars of creation A general framework for analyzing the prospects for innovation Andrea Bonaccorsi University of Pisa, Italy
31 May 9-13 Pretotyping: Pretotype it! Pretotyping and testing the idea soon to focus on product/service design Leonardo Zangrando Pretotype it!, UK
14-18 Pretotype it!: Hands On Understanding how new technologies ease pretotyping activities Gualtiero Fantoni
Daniele Mazzei
University of Pisa, Italy
1 June 9-18 Pretotyping: Designing connected,devices Enabling the Python programming language to commercial interactive and connected solutions with a ready to use suite; handling electronic pretotyping Daniele Mazzei Zerynth, ITA-US
3 June 9-13 Pain,and Gains, Value Proposition and Business Modeling The long journey from pain identification to global level growth Gabriele Montelisciani University of Pisa, Italy
14-18 Business Modeling: Hands On Think different and try to build the most valuable business model starting from,divergent perspectives Leonello Trivelli University of Pisa, Italy
4 June 9-13 Pretotyping: 3D Printing Rapid prototyping techniques and 3D printing: how to design and produce and test your physical object Carmelo De Maria Fablab Pisa, Italy
6 June 9-18 Social,Capital, Scalability and Global Thinking How to change perspective from your small town to global market. Scalability means growth and growth means increased complexity, you need to know how to deal with this Ray Garcia Buoyant Capital, USA
18-20 Aperitif with guest Analise, plan and use your personal social network to reach your company success! Flavia Marzano Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
7 June 9-13 Implementation strategy and business planning Define your strategy, detail your plan and execute it through an iterative process,of tuning Ray Garcia Buoyant Capital, USA
14-16 The Dallara Case Study Driving a company is like driving a car: an exercise of putting efforts on the right actuators (while looking at the indicators) Andrea Pontremoli Dallara Automobili, Italy
8 June 9-13 Strategic Marketing Understanding,and recognizing dynamics, opportunities and threats is a must if you want to succeed Fabio Ancarani Bologna Business School, Italy
14-18 Implementation strategy and business planning Practical activity on your startup project Ray Garcia Buoyant Capital, USA
9 June 9-13 Technology Foresight Anticipating competitors and being aware of trends is not a matter of luck either instinct, try to make it methodical Karlheinz Steinmüller Z-Punkt, Germany
14-16 Technology Intelligence Exploiting technology to strengthen your idea and to widen the business horizons Riccardo Apreda Erre Quadro Srl, Italy
18-20 Aperitif with Guest The role of design in companies’ continuum innovation Gianfranco Zaccai Continuum Innovation, USA
10 June 9-11 B2B Sales Sales are the main goal of every entrepreneurial activity and need to be properly managed to succeed Annamaria Arcese Avenade Inc, Italy
11-18 Branding and Product Communication How to value your brand and create a successful product communication strategy Pier Bardoni, Italy

Final Pitch

Venue: University of Pisa, Polo Porta Nuova – Via Bruno Fedi, 1, 56122, Pisa (PI), Italy.

Date and time: June 11th, 9,30 -13

Pitch your idea in the most effective way to collect feedback and to improve your business model in front of a panel of experts.

Mobility and Mentoring

At the end of the activities we will select the team that will fly for up to 2 months to Denmark or United Kingdom hosted by a successful company, to:

  • Acquire specific knowledge and skills through field support;
  • Get Best practices and lessons learned;
  • Build a network of customers and partners out of your country;
  • Change the environment and point of view, increasing the resilience of your startup.

The other teams who participated to the program will have the possibility to start a mentoring activity with the ENDuRE mentors.