Program Description

ENDuRE is a fun, fresh, ‘hands-on’ approach to interactive practical education in entrepreneurship. Our programme is international and collaborative in scope, adopting a bespoke blended learning approach designed to engage real game-changers by equipping them with the all the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to successfully turn their business ideas into reality!

Are you ready to “ENDuRE?”

Is our course right for you? If you can answer “yes” to any of the following then we look forward to hearing from you! Do you have?

• An idea developed through entrepreneurship education programs or business plan competitions;

• An idea already patented (or filed);

• An idea supported by a proof of concept (including a crowdfunded project)

• An established start-up / company

• A business acknowledged (or under acknowledgement) as a university spin-off.

ENDuRE is:

– Unique made up from contributors in academia and industry from the UK, Italy and Denmark

– Realistic we understand how feel; we’ve been there, we are there! So whilst there are some basic minimum requirements we know that it is in your very nature to push yourself to succeed. The fact that you have signed up (or are thinking about it) means that you are the kind of person not afraid to commit, to put in the hard work, and to get the job done!

– Real-time our programme is made up of contributions from real entrepreneurs and experts who share today’s experiences in the field. Routinely expanded and revised to ensure we provide only the cutting edge from leaders on the front lines of business.

– Practical in application E-book content is bespoke and covers 12 topics across the business landscape, not available anywhere else. Content is endorsed by a wide range of international experts and industry figureheads who guide you through the course acting as a sound point of reference and crucial ‘sanity check’.

– In-house at least 35 hours in the classroom of about 30 students comprised of aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders.

– From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs free and unrestricted access to a centralized hub of information from across the globe. We’ve done the hard work for you and created a ‘one-stop shop’ for you to enjoy.

Course content

The ENDuRE program consists of the following modular content. All content will be made available via a free, downloadable e-book which covers the following topics:

1. Entrepreneurship Mind-set

2. Ideas to Execution

3. Team

4. Business Structure

5. Action Plan

6. Intellectual Property

7. Value Proposition, Business Model & Business Growth

8. Marketing

9. Communication

10. Sales

11. Investment & Funding

12. Economics, Financials & Legal

As fellow entrepreneurs we recognize the constraints on your time. In light of this we are delighted to offer a choice of three 35hr in-house teaching programs each delivering a bespoke course covering a different range of core modules outlined above.